Sensory Room – All Ages

Sensory Room - All Ages


Dinotots CHILDcare Sensory Room

At Dinotots Childcare we understand that babies develop imagination and creativity through play.

Between birth and 12 months, your baby will be fascinated by people, by herself and by the world around her. Every experience is a new experience, a new adventure to explore

Between birth and 12 months, your baby becomes more interested in the world all the time. Play is the main way that babies develop, learn and explore the world.

We help babies explore through play, develop their imaginations. And as their imaginations develop, we grow this by experimenting with new sounds, sights, objects and activities. 

At Dinotots we develop strategies through play to help them to solve simple problems, and they start being able to understand their own and other people’s feelings.

Play gives babies different physical, sensory and cognitive experiences. These experiences build connections in the brain, which helps babies develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. That’s why play is like ‘fireworks’ going off in the brain.

What activities will children experience in the Sensory room

At Dinotots we use play to help develop your baby’s imagination and creativity, activities we do include:

  • Playing peekaboo with objects like scarves or tea towels.
  • Exploring their vision and self-recognision using mirrors and mirrored objects. 
  • Singing songs and lullabies
  • Showing pictures and books with different animals and people whilst talking about what he/she sees.
  • Reading books and nursery rhymes using actions together. 
  • Making different styles of music and sound, banging buckets, shaking rice-filled jars and playing instruments
  • We have treasure boxes within reach full of everyday items and natural objects for your baby to touch and feel.
  • Tummy time so baby can see and explore the world
  • Messy play using sand, mud, clay, playdough or paints.
  • Cut up fruits for baby to explore new tastes and feelings

Open-ended play and structured play
At Dinotots we understand that open-ended play is a great development tool for your baby’s imagination. Blocks and natural resources like pine cones, cinnamon sticks and bamboo rings are great for open-ended play, because your baby can use their own imagination and use them for all sorts of things. 

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